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    Ever wonder how the magic tricks are done?

    Ever wonder how chicks would fall in love with magicians?

    Want to be chick magnets?

    Introducing the new released iTrix you, includes 3 unique magic games you've never seen!

    1)Mystic Candle
    The candle is surprisingly snuffed out when you blow into the screen of iPhone
    Showing off this magic to girls in a dimmed lounge just like greeting them a precious birthday with magic candles. ****Make her birthday wishes come true****
    2.The Arcane Traveller
    The magician will be using the most powerful magic to show what you selected out of 12 countries on the iPhone.
    You are there to be the magician to find out what he or she has in mind. A famous mind game that you always wanted to find out how it is done.
    3.The Vanishing Card
    The audience members card in his/her mind will be anticipated by the magician
    Audience will never know how his/her card vanished.
    To make yourself a real magician, the play of the magics will utilize the iPhone's function, blow, shake, tilt, flick to make the moves realistic and user friendly.
    Want to know the secrets behind the magics and experience them ahead of people?

    iTrix You Lite offers 1 magic game, inside the lite version will lead you to paid version if you'd like to play more..!!
    Hurry now @ iTunes Store for more info&pix
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