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    Perfect guns has now been featured as a Hot game, more than 45000 people download it per day.

    Why Perfect guns?
    --vividly portrayed shooting
    --realistic sound and animations
    --addictively gameplay makes it ideal for gun game fans
    --the control modes feel natural
    --the full-featured weapons are free

    handgun: M1911、Desert Eagle、GLOCK17
    Rifle:AK-47、M16、FN SCAR
    Sniper rifle: Barrett M82A1、McMillan Tac-50、SIG SAUER SSG3000、G3/SG1

    New game featured from Perfect gun already on its way! Coming soon:
    - New and unique 3D weapons
    - more weapons
    - more attrative sounds and realistic animations
    - Various new feature requests from feedback.
    - And more!

    What players are saying about Perfect guns:
    I love this game,it's totally worth my time,and it's great for a app.5 strars!---------By jerrylinkto

    It's a good time waster if you smart enough to play----By jackie33

    Works perfectly!I love the fact,this is a lifesaver,Thank you!--------By Tomcertil127

    cool app,it is the most useful app i've ever used.it's a good app for me!very useful!------By Lee20025353

    This is a great app.works like a dream!-------By rosegell

    Best apps I've ever used!Highly recommended!----By bressoils


    Want an extremely different experience on iphone for free? Go, Perfect Guns! Youll take a fancy to the cool handgun, rifle, sniper rifle and wouldnt let go of them! The scenes such as changing bullet, chambering and shooting is so vividly portrayed that you feels as if you are participating. Just enjoy yourself by using any weapon you like.
    01-07-2010 03:23 AM
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    Free download:

    http: tunes.apple.com/us/app/perfect-guns/id336753919?mt=8
    01-07-2010 03:23 AM