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    Announcing! A new game-genre all to its own!

    "Running With Scissors: Pre-Season" is an Tactical-Action Foot Racing game with awesome, device pushing graphics, excellent animation, sounds, and multitouch controls.

    Use your fingers like little legs to make your character move, all with excellent kinematic balancing to ensure a completely revolutionary control scheme that could only be done on the multitouch iPhone / iPod Touch!

    Get it now through iTunes.

    The game is fully functional on all devices.

    Hear what some other users are saying about it in the TouchArcade forums:

    Highlights of the game are:

    fun animations, with amazing graphics

    bizarre and hilarious encounters with obstacles

    non-stop running action

    amusing costumes to dress your character in

    scratch 'n win in game prizes after every race

    Check out this video for more of an idea of how the game works:

    This is a unique game for the iPhone, incorporating humour, action and intellect.

    Watch for upcoming updates in mid-January:

    In game awards with Plus+ awards and leader boards

    New and mysterious landscape levels

    More accessories and costumes to deck out your character
    01-05-2010 02:40 PM