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    If you havent already, resolve to visit Forks, the small town near the Olympic rain forest and home of the Twilight Saga. And when you travel to Forks, bring your iPhone and the Vampires Guide to Forks! This app uses the iPhones mapping technology to create a surreal catalog and map of Twilight points of interest, hotels, and other notable locations. Imagine walking down main street, shopping at the Forks Outfitters, driving through the side streets, listening to legends at the First Beach and playing baseball in the rain forest. These experiences have been described by Stephanie Meyer as walking around inside of a dream. As you are exploring, the app tells you where you are and guides you to something very important. With photos and notes, contact info, and interactive maps, this app will take you there whether in a dream or in person.

    Browse Twilight points of interest, lodging in the Forks area, and other notable locations. See the locations in map view to plan your route, including downtown Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles.
    Dont get lost in the forest. With the GPS locator in the iPhone 3g, your position shows up on the map with the other Twilight sites.
    Stayed too long and need a place to stay? There arent too many in Forks, but this app can help you find one and get there. Lodging details include a map, a web link, and phone number for each location. Call the hotel in advance or visit their website with a tap on the link.
    Tell your friends where you are going or where to meet you. Email photos, coordinates, and a map link of each Twilight site or other location to your friends from within the application.

    Web Link: Vampires Guide to Forks Vampires Guide to Twilight iPhone Apps

    iTunes Link: iTunes Store

    Pricing and availability: $3.99 on the iTunes App Store
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