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    Awesome new puzzle/logic/maze/memory game - SwipeHead

    Check it out.
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    Swipe, laugh, learn, rememberand avoid the fish!

    Up, down, right, left use your logic and memory to discover which way to go, and Swipe your way through the maze. But, beware of the fish! They steal your points.
    Race against the clock to climb the leader board. Find the cherries to unlock SwipeHead secrets. Are you as smart as an amoeba,a platypus, an alien?
    Work your way through all the mazes and become a master SwipeHead!
    Tapping into several hot gaming trends (mazes, puzzles, trivia, memory, logic, IQ-testing, reaction time, etc.), SwipeHead introduces a truly unique, funny, and addictive way to solve a puzzle. It incorporates content from math to memory, geography to science, music to language, and everything in between. Engaging for those who play for fun, for learning, for speed, to finish, for mastery, and/or to compete for top spot on the international leader board.

    Peppered with both obvious and obscure pop-culture references and humor,
    SwipeHead proves to be popular for the very youngest and oldest of users and all the rest too.

    Updates are on their way!

    I'd love to hear what you think.
    01-04-2010 09:28 AM