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    Hello, I'm proud to present my first iPhone application !

    Did you know that, when you are taking a picture with the iPhone, location data are stored in the picture ?

    Thanks to this, Picture Map is presenting your iPhone camera roll content in a new and exciting way !

    With Picture Map, you will no longer ask yourself "what place is on this picture ?" or "Where did I take this picture ?"
    Your pictures containing GPS informations will be shown on the world map, you'll see in a second all the places you traveled in.

    Features :
    Shows thumbnails of your pictures on the world map
    Tap a thumbnail to see details and button to show full screen picture
    Pictures at the same location are grouped into a thumbnail
    Zoom on the map to view where exactly the picture was taken
    Change map type (map, satellite or hybrid)
    Shows user's current location
    Save your position on the map and restore it at next startup

    Notes :
    Require a device with location capability (cell location / GPS) : iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS
    Require a device with a camera
    Allow the camera application to access user's location or pictures will not include location data
    Some picture may appear not exactly where they were taken depending on location accuracy (indoor pictures will have less accuracy than outdoor pictures)
    Require at least OS 3.0

    Have fun and compare with your friends all the places you have visited all over the world !

    Expect many new great features soon !

    Next release (1.2) will include the following new features :
    View pictures that are not shown on the map (with no GPS location information)
    Open a picture location in Maps application to allow to use Google Street View (if it is available in the place where the picture was taken)

    You can visit my webpage here : Picture Map
    And for latest news, follow me on twitter : Sylver77
    iTunes link : iTunes Store
    01-04-2010 05:40 AM