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    The first and only handbook DIY app DiyDict
    Support photo & text

    is On Sale Now

    Only $0.99

    People love sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom.

    If you don't code,
    how could you build a handbook for your iphone?
    how could you possiblely build a beautiful guide and share with your friends?

    Students may want to recode their college life and study.

    Game Players, don't you want to make a game strategy guide?

    People have same hobbies, need a book for them, and also a guide for beginners.

    People around us get help from handbooks everyday.

    Don't you want to have a magic book, giving all the answers that can't find in the bookstore. Don't you want to make one?

    diydict is the only handbook DIY app for iphone.
    You can make your own handbooks
    you can share your books with your people
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