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    Hi Guys after attempting to sync some apps for the last 2days iv decided to join this Forum to seek some proffesional help. lol

    Problem I had was I accidently pressed the restore button, then like an ***** dropped the phone USB pulled out currupted the phone and messed up the laptop boot up files. Finally got the laptop restored and unlocked the Iphone and jailbroke it.

    Everything seems fine now as i restored Itunes again, but I seem to have just one issue I cant seem to sort out.

    Previously I downloaded couple of apps from torrentz site. I.e tom Tom and couple others which origionally worked perfectly fine and had no issues with syncin them on to my iphone.

    I deleted these of the laptop as I thought they might also have got currupted and i reinstlalled them.

    When I try and install them now
    they show up on itunes and start to Sync, as the Sync is nearly completes it just stops and comes up with an error message

    Application did not install because an unknown error occured (0xE8008001)

    has anyone had this issue before and can anybody help resolve this problem as its really bugging me now.

    Iv only had the iphone for 2 weeks so am abit of a novice.
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