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    Hello All,

    Just to tell you about OpenPlayce, a new social network on iPhone that connects places and people is available from the Apple App Store. The UI is awesome! When comparing with other networks, OpenPlayce has the following strenghts:

    Already hundreds of thousands of Public Places in Europe (not only major cities, OpenPlayce covers ALL the Europe Places)
    Possibility to post pictures and messages on a place profile, and to live-comment other's stories. I say live comment, because once you start commenting a story, you can see others comments appear in real time, sweet!
    Nice integration with Facebook, so you can see the mutual Facebook friends you got with other members on OpenPlayce.
    Push notification, and much much more!

    The website: OpenPlayce - The mobile social network that connects People and Places
    Itunes link : iTunes Store

    And here is some screenshots:

    01-01-2010 09:28 AM