1. Nancy's Avatar
    Brainwave Tuner v1.3 is specially designed for users to relax body and mind and stimulate thought. Once tuned in, the brain will be closed into a quiet status and become calm.

    New in this version:
    Each wave preset is thoroughly tested to eliminate the glitches between each loop.
    The sound quality of each wave has also been greatly enhanced and optimized for iPhone/iPod.
    Three white noises are added: Ocean Waves, Shoveling Sand, and Rain and Windshield. (There are 19 brainwave patterns available)

    It is on sale for $1.99 at App Store.
    12-30-2009 01:58 AM
  2. Nancy's Avatar
    The price has been increased to $2.99. It is definitely worth your every penny. To use is to believe.

    There are totally 19 Brainwave presets available in Brainwave tuner:

    Headache treatment 1 (steady 10/5)
    Headache treatment 2 (steady 10/5, circular)
    Headache treatment 2 (steady 10/5, circular)
    Schumann Resonance
    Sleep induction
    Attention Increase
    Creativity enhancing (steady)
    Creativity enhancing (quavering)
    The awakened mind
    Quick mental refresher
    High frequencies
    Learning aid 1 (for subliminal)
    Learning aid 2 (for studying)
    Ocean Waves
    Shoveling Sand
    Rain and Windshield
    01-08-2010 02:00 AM