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    Special New Year's SALE 50% OFF !!!
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    What the media says about MyGirl :

    "..the hottest and I mean the hottest girl in the AppStore to be your girlfriend."
    "..This is such a HOT application and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !"

    MyGirl is your interactive, video-based female model friend. You can interact with her on your iPhone or iPod touch in various ways. The video model responds to your finger TOUCHES on her body, DEVICE SHAKES or to the different objects you give her. You can also BLOW on the device to cool down the model or give her a MASSAGE with your thumbs.

    The application consist DOZENS OF FILMED SCENES in many DIFFERENT CLOTHING. Try to interact with MyGirl and see how she responds!!!

    ★ MyGirl is INTERACTIVE. Touch, shake or blow on her. Give her presents, drinks or treats.
    ★ Give MyGirl a MASSAGE using your thumbs.
    ★ UNDRESS MyGirl button after button.
    ★ Cool MyGirl down by blowing on your device.
    ★ STROKE her body or TICKLE her.
    ★ Spoil her with shiny presents.
    ★ Give her a cup of coffee, a bubble gum or a lolly pop
    ★ SHAKE your device and see what happens.
    ★ She has RANDOM RESPONDS; so you will be surprised of her behavior.
    ★ MyGirl SECRET MODES: see if you can find how to trigger them all!
    ★ MyGirl fully supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew.
    ★ FREE UPDATES; many more scenes are on the way!! We are currently working on more and more new senses and surprises for the next update.
    And much more!

    Please give us your feedback and tell us which scenes you liked most and which scenes you'd like to see on our future app version. We might produce scenes according to your ideas!!!

    Homepage:::: MyGirl iPhone and iPod Touch app :::

    App Store:

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    good game, I would like to have it!
    12-29-2009 10:43 PM