1. iEattehberry's Avatar
    I am considering buying one or the other, but I was wondering if there was anyone on the forums that have used both of the apps and could give me some feedback? One feature I am really consider about is the re-routing. As far as I can tell, the Magellan app doesn't do that good of a job due to the fact that it doesn't list something similar to TomTom's "IQ Routes", meaning that it takes into consideration: time of day, mileage, traffic, and speed when it calculates a route. I could be wrong, I'm just making an assumption based on what I have read on iTunes, and the manufacturer's websites. Thank you in advance for reading, I hope there's someone out there that's tried both that can offer me some good advice! Thanks again, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
    12-24-2009 10:32 PM
  2. ShaneXman's Avatar
    I've never used the TomTom app, but I do own the Magellan app, and can clarify your point regarding the "rerouting". I have been using this app since Thanksgiving, and I have never had a problem with rerouting. If I happen to make an incorrect turn, or I just want to take a different route, the Magellan app modifies my route almost instantaneously and has never caused me any problems.

    I don't know if this is the answer you were looking for, but hopefully it helps a little bit.
    12-26-2009 10:18 PM
  3. lungho's Avatar
    I got the Tom Tom app but have not used Magellan. I've also got CoPilot Live....good app at a good price but the routing is whacked!

    Much like what ShaneXman had to say about Magellan, if I make a wrong turn or want to take a different route, Tom Tom adjusts and re-routes automatically and in a snap.

    The lane assist feature is also nice when you have more than one exit ramp. It's also fairly easy to adjust a route if you want to avoid a certain road. Landscape and portrait mode are a plus too.

    Right now I'm using the app without the car kit. I've had Tom Tom since the beginning of November '09 and the app hasn't pointed me in a wrong direction yet.

    Just my .02
    12-26-2009 10:40 PM
  4. whmurray's Avatar
    TomTom is the top grossing app in the app Store. That suggests a market decision. As a TomTom user, I can say that you will not be disappointed if you choose it.
    12-27-2009 03:05 PM
  5. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    look into Navigon also
    12-28-2009 04:16 AM
  6. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    I like Navigon the most. I've used Navigon, TomTom, and CoPilot. Navigon is heads and shoulders above TomTom and CoPilot is not even in the same league as the others (it is terrible)
    12-28-2009 08:09 AM
  7. DainBramage1's Avatar
    I've also got Navigon, but as far as I know, the iPhone version doesn't have traffic avoidance yet (on their handheld version, it is available as a paid option). It's a nice app that has already been improved in some great ways, and I'm looking forward to greater future improvements! I also heard that it's currently on sale in the App Store for $59.99?
    12-28-2009 01:35 PM
  8. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    Yes the iphone version of Navigon has an in-app purchase of traffic for $19.99
    12-28-2009 03:41 PM
  9. lookandfeel's Avatar
    I Have iGO, it's pretty good, functions like a standalone GPS perfectly...
    12-29-2009 01:19 PM
  10. canamera's Avatar
    TomTom is the top grossing app in the app Store. That suggests a market decision. As a TomTom user, I can say that you will not be disappointed if you choose it.
    The last time I checked Navigon was the top grossing app...Sorry if I'm wrong, though.

    With that said... after reading all the reviews on GPS apps, I couldn't pick anything but Navigon, and I've never regretted it yet.
    12-29-2009 09:48 PM
  11. techse7en's Avatar
    Ok have you heard of Navmii or the G-Fi? Navmii for UK and Ireland is one of the best GPS apps around, it works very fast because maps are stored on the device. It is a beautiful UI too The G-Fi is a very small GPS reciever/router that enables GPS on iPod touches and 1st gen iPhone and works with Navmii and other apps. I recommend the G-Fi over the other car kits. If the G-Fi is in your glovebox, your iPod will connect to it when you get in the car automatically, no wires, no harnesses, no junk.
    12-30-2009 11:25 AM