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    This is the text of our press release on F1Drivers:

    "Formula One has been with us since 1950 and, amazingly, over 600 drivers have competed. Some, such as Stirling Moss and Jenson Button, went on to become household names. Others have disappeared into obscurity. They all, though, had the skill and determination to compete in the pinnacle of motorsport and deserve our admiration.

    Now, you can have details of each and every one of these drivers at your fingertips with F1 Drivers for the iPhone. Unlike some other apps, F1 Drivers doesnt just cover the current drivers and teams, but lists every single driver who has ever competed in Formula One.

    F1 Driver includes a biography of each driver, his (and occasionally her) statistics and, wherever possible, photographs.

    In addition, the app lists World Champions in alphabetical and date order, drivers which most wins (total and by season), those with the most consecutive wins and even the drivers with the most starts but no wins!

    Theres also an overview of Formula One circuits (updated for 2010).
    F1 Drivers puts all the facts about the ultimate motorsport in your pocket and you dont need to be online to access the data. Its the ideal resource for settling disputes or even for just dipping into and enjoying reading the stories of motorsports greatest heroes from around the globe.

    F1 Drivers is available now from the iTunes App Store priced at just $1.99/1.19. It works with all iPhones and the iPod Touch, running OS 3.0 or later."

    Anyone looking to review F1Drivers please send a PM for a promo code.
    Support site (with more detail).
    12-23-2009 03:55 AM