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    With animations such as falling snow, glowing candles, sparkling christmas tree, swinging bells, twinkling stars and the ability to throw snowballs on every screen, Toddler Time! - Christmas is a great educational aid for the festive period.

    Focused at the 2-4 year age group, the eye-catching pictures and clearly spoken words, encourages children to repeat and copy - helping to enhance their vocabulary. The fun sound effects and animations, add an excitement which they will love.

    Every screen can be touched in any space to throw a snowball, which will splat on the screen where touched. There is also one of four animations incorporated within each screen, either a Bell, a Candle, a Christmas Tree or a Star.

    The 4 menus are "Advent Calender", "Christmas Characters", "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and "Food".

    The "Advent Calender" option consists of 25 different screens, one for each day of December. On each screen there are speech buttons for the day and the picture behind the calender door. (Touch and hold the calendar to reveal the picture.)

    The "Christmas Characters" option consists of 9 different screens, each with a speech button for the character and a sound effect button of the picture.

    The "Twelve Days Of Christmas" option consists of 12 different screens, each screen with a line from the song "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and a picture to go with the lyrics.

    The "Food" option consists of 10 different screens, each with a speech button for the festive food on display.

    With a total of 58 screens, over 60 images and 90 spoken words, Toddler Time! - Christmas is a must-have educational application for the festive period as a fun teaching aid.

    This application is a great addition to the Christmas experience.

    Thank You and have a Merry Christmas!

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