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    How many layers of clothing can you remove? *
    Are you skilled enough to get to her to the bedroom?

    After you complete each level, our sexy model will take off an article of clothing.*
    There are 4 levels and each level is played in a different location.*
    You will meet her in the bar...are you skilled enough to get her to the bedroom? *

    Like the name suggests, Strip Simon is played just like the original Simon game however, the target is to get the woman to strip.
    It will keep your memory sharp and engage your senses. *
    With witty dialogue and various interactive outcomes, this game can keep you entertained for hours.

    Visit www.StripSimon.com to view a trailer for the game.

    Strip Simon is now available for only .99 cents in the iTunes App store!

    - AI: The game has an artificial intelligence that matches the game's difficulty to your memory skills. After you successfully finish a level it will push you to remember more the next time you play that level.
    - Level Reset: Resets the entire game putting you back at level 1.
    - Challenge Mode: Will be unlocked after completing level 4. Allows you to test the limits of your memory by providing a never-ending simon game.*
    12-22-2009 09:09 PM