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    Access your Mac or PC from anywhere as though you were sitting right in front of it. This free app offers all the functionality of other apps without the hefty $30 price tag.

    Would you consider reviewing it? Download it at www.ntrconnect.com or you can find it at the Appstore.

    When you sign up for NTRconnect, you'll automatically get a 30-day free trial of our Pro version. If you decide that NTRconnect Pro offers more than you need, continue with NTRconnect Free at no cost.

    Get NTRconnect for iPhone now.

    1. Download NTRconnect for iPhone from the App Store to your iPhone.
    2. Go to www.ntrconnect.com.
    3. Download the NTRconnect agent to the computer you want to access.
    4. Follow the Wizard-driven installation process.
    5. Start NTRconnect iPhone to immediately connect to you computer!

    Using NTRconnect is simple:

    Access the NTRconnect Home page and enter your account data.
    Select the computer you want to control
    Remotely access the computer selected


    NTRconnect Free meets the needs of those who require simple remote access and control of up to two computers.

    NTRconnect Pro is a total remote access solution with advanced features like file transfer, remote start up, key card access and Skype Integration. With NTRconnect Pro you can connect to as many computers as you need. Our affordable pricing plan includes volume discounts and you can pay month to month or save 30% if you pay for a 12 month subscription.

    Share your digital photo albums, music and video files, or anything you keep on your Mac or PC (Windows or Linux)

    Improve productivity and save time - get to your remote files and applications in seconds. Keep in touch. Answer e-mails; attend to your customers and colleagues at any time. Access your intranet at any time. You can access your corporate intranet as if you were sitting right in front of your office computer.

    Enjoy 24/7 unlimited mobility - access your work or home computer from anywhere. Avoid unnecessary travel. You never have to go to the office to access e-mail and files on your work computer or run home to retrieve a file. The ideal tool for executives and sales reps. Designed for professionals who need to access their computers when on business trips or just out of the office.
    12-22-2009 05:12 PM