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    Scribe! The new must-have iPhone application

    Need to write out letters for special events? Wedding, thank you notes, condolences, birthdays...
    Uninspired ? Lack of time ? Unmotivated ?
    Scribe takes the pen for you; it offers you letters for each event of the everyday life.
    Family, love, business, Scribe always finds the good words to express your thoughts at any point in your life.
    You will move your relatives or your colleagues by sending them amusing, efficient, stirring custom letters...they'll think you wrote it yourself.

    More than 350 letters available in English and French.

    Choose the template that you want to send for any event.
    It's easy:

    1. Choose a category and select your language on the top right

    2. Customize your letter by adding names or any words of your choice

    3. Send it to the recipient... it's done!
    12-22-2009 05:23 AM
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    12-22-2009 05:25 AM