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    ProCamera the long-awaited camera app solution for the iPhone is now available! With usability as intuitive as you would expect from an iPhone application. Our features are compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

    We would love to bring our application to many users. We are a small but committed team and we are always searching new ways to bring the best photo options to users.

    Our application offers many features, which include:

    -The worlds first iPhone accelerometers for image stabilization

    -Digital Zoom: while other camera apps try to fake this function by cropping and re-sizing images our app is a fully functioning Zoom

    -Digital photo compass: Makes your iPhone 3GS the 1st camera device worldwide providing compass data (oops! I took that photo of my girlfriend but I cant remember where we were, no worries your camera has already documented your location!)

    -Camera Roll: with this feature you just shake your phone to review your images, you can save your image or just continue to shoot an entire role of images

    -Big Button: When you turn your phone away from you to take a shot, simply touch any part of the screen, the best part is our application will only take the photo when its perfect or use our timer and it will take the photo for you.

    To see a full list of features feel free to visit us at the AppStore or:


    Thanks in advance!

    Marketing & Communications Director
    Maria Medina
    T: +408.449.7291
    E: mm@daemgen.net
    daemgen.net - iPhone, Java, Flash, Flex
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    Ali Raeder | Facebook
    12-21-2009 05:48 PM
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    This app is awesome. I installed it the other day and love it. It is replacing Camera Genius and Snapture (Both uninstalled from my iPhone.) I even moved the default camera to the last unused icon page. Since this app can do video there is no need to use the built in camera.
    12-21-2009 07:00 PM
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    That's Great News! Feel free to join us on Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly post updates!

    Thanks for the feedback.
    12-21-2009 07:23 PM