1. caspianx67's Avatar
    Hey folks, I'm trying to find a time sync tool for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I have one of each device, and they're out of sync with each other and with the computer, even after Syncing each device. I don't know if the iPhone is getting its internal clock updated over the 3G, but it looks like the Touch is just ticking away using the internal clock. I know you can adjust the time in the Settings menu, but this thing is an internet-enabled device and there's the Network Time Protocol (NTP) designed specifically to keep machines synced up with network time hosts. Surely there's something available for the iPhone/iTouch that can reset the internal clock. I, however, have been unable to find such an app. Does anyone here know of one?


    12-21-2009 12:03 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    you use the settings options like you mention. the 3g uses cellular time if on automatic

    alternately, you may try putting a ntp server entry on your router if it has a way and see if the ipod picks up from there. it might if there's an automatic option

    pool.ntp.org: the internet cluster of ntp servers
    12-21-2009 03:38 PM