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    MVMG (Machine VS Machine Gun) is out!

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    Greetings to all iPhone game fans!

    Killerstorm is Proud to announce our first 3D shooting game. Killerstorm is an independent game development studio that creates the best Iphone games.

    MVMG, Machine vs. Machine gun, is a full 3D shooting game with one of the best graphics in the iPhone gaming industry. Experience a new way of touch as you move the weapon as if you were actually controlling the gun!

    - touch and move the machine gun to control.
    - Full 3D action!
    -Wide range of various types of robots
    -Shield function to strategically block enemy robot attacks
    -3 Powerful upgrades
    -special robots with green blinking rings give money
    -Special robots with red blinking rings replenish health.

    MVMG Machine VS Machine gun is available for iphone and ipod touch. Please feel free to leave any Questions or comments. We really wish to hear from you!

    Thank you!

    12-19-2009 01:51 PM