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    Love the Mall? Now create one!
    Create a Mall puts you in the shoes of Kelly who is out to change the world, one mall at a time!!! Help Kelly build a chain of amazing shopping malls across different cities and turn her into a mall-building magnate.

    Rake in some moolah!
    Use your shoppers instinct to make the right decisions on which stores to set up. Next, upgrade these stores to increase the popularity of your mall. Think ahead to manage the labor and resources on each level. Its your job to make the cash registers go KA-CHING!

    Shop till you drop!
    Building a mall has its own rewards that the shopaholic in you will definitely enjoy! Pamper yourself with the store credits you earn in each level and use it to buy jewelry, clothing, office decorations and what not!

    Go on and build a great shopping experience. This is undoubtedly the best job EVER!!!

    - Build Malls in 6 different cities
    - Set up different kinds of stores
    - Entertainment and Enhancement options
    - Accumulate Money to fund projects
    - Gain Store Credits to buy jewelry, clothing and office decorations
    - Collect Trophies as you progress
    - Replay previous levels to earn the expert badge
    - Check the Local High Scores to find out who rocks in creating malls
    - Post Tweets to show off your mall-building skills

    App Store: iTunes Store

    12-19-2009 12:02 AM