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    iDistress for iPhone Makes Getting Help More Efficient

    Sudden heart attack
    Old-fashioned robbery
    A psycho shooter
    A terrible car accident
    An unexpected injury while in the outdoors
    A child away at college who is in a dangerous situation

    Imagine a loved one in any of these scenarios. How can these victims increase their chances of receiving assistance more quickly? "Theres an app for that." Dubbed "The app we hope you never have to use" iDistress provides users with comfort that if something terrible should occur, they have a chance of notifying authorities and three loved ones with a slide of a button.

    iDistress features
    -Sends an SMS (text message) and email to three loved-ones along with the users location for added response time.
    -Dials a pre-selected number avoiding the need to find the contact in the address book.
    -If no number is selected, the countrys emergency number will become the default number, eliminating the need to know each countrys emergency number.
    -Great subtle backup alarm for transit workers, police officers, and bank managers among other professions.
    -Highly recommended for travelers, wilderness lovers, the physically challenged, users with health issues, college students, and anybody looking for added peace-of-mind with their loved ones.

    iDistress is available on the Apple iTunes store and for $2.99. Also, between December 7, 2009 and January 31, 2010, a dollar from each app sold will be donated to the Red Cross with a donation goal of $30,000.

    Click Here to Download the iDistress
    12-18-2009 03:26 PM