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    Hey all,
    This is my first post since getting my first iPhone - a 3GS - in November. I've really appreciated all of the info in the forum, and in fact have found answers to all of the questions I've had so far in a simple search here. Thanks!
    I have recently begun using a new app called BirdsEye. I am a bird-watcher DELUXE. I lead field trips for about 5 different organizations, coordinate two Christmas Bird Counts, volunteer for about 5 different breeding bird surveys in the spring. LOTS of birding.
    I have two other apps for bird-watchers, iBird Pro and Audubon Birds. Both are field guides, which BirdsEye is not. It's really cool for what it is, though, which is an app to help find birds around wherever you happen to be.
    It draws on Cornell School of Ornithology's eBird database to locate reports of bird sightings and maps their locations for the user. Very cool. Lovely interface and quick to use. It fills a gap in bird-watching apps very well.

    Laurie Foss
    Austin, TX
    12-18-2009 10:02 AM