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    Dear TiPb Forums,

    I humbly offer you our latest effort, Word Peril Lite.

    Word Peril Lite is a new word game with a twist -- it combines the best of multiple game genres seamlessly into a new, unique gaming experience.

    The app may look familiar to players of Hangman or Wheel of Fortune. However, the gameplay is unique in that it features its own strategic challenge and scoring continuity from puzzle to puzzle.

    You begin with $2,000 virtual dollars. Guessing incorrect letters costs you $400, guessing correct letters gains you $100. Guessing a puzzle correctly nets you $200.

    You have the option of using lifelines (Free Letter, Skip Puzzle) along the way to assist you where necessary.

    This app does not set out to revolutionize the world -- it's a time-waster. And we contend it's a great one at that, with puzzles that cover everything from sports team owners to social networking. Historical events, country and hip hop artists, classical literature, video game characters, big business and science terms are just a small part of what we offer. We've got a little something for everyone.

    iTunes App Store Link

    Other Information:

    We were listed as one of the notable new apps on the weekend of our release.

    Screen shot of Word Peril, the 99 cent version. Word Peril Lite is free and ad-supported.
    12-17-2009 08:51 PM