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    Name: Zepi
    Developer: OstinGames
    Reviewed: 1.0

    Price: $0.99
    iTunes Link: itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zepi/id345104709?mt=8

    Hello to everybody,

    Im glad to introduce you a new game, developed by OstinGames company Zepi.

    Zepi is an easy to play game with its familiar formula, which may not capture the attention of typical iPhone user at first, since there are dozens of games with colorful balls, bubbles or balloons, which must be blown up as fast as possible to win. But Zepi is a little bit different, there are no levels, no time limits, no additional colors, nothing superfluous. It takes just 5 or 7 minutes to play it and to beat a world record. Very easy, fast, not time consuming and exciting.

    On the one hand the game seems to be very simple, but on the other hand if you need to wait for something or just have spare 5-7 minutes Zepi is a perfect option. You dont have to stop in the middle of the game, save it or discard results. 5 minutes will be enough to set a record and get back to your work.

    So, the concept of the game is simple: you have to tap the bubbles of one color very quick to create a chain. As soon as you finish tapping, the chain will blow up. So the goal is to keep the screen clear from the bubbles as long as its possible and receive more points.

    The game starts out very easy but soon it will be very difficult to deal with all those bubbles falling from elsewhere. So it is actually a great challenge for the speed of your fingers.

    While playing Zepi you can choose between three skins: vivid, cold and bugs. All those themes are different, with different sounds and background and you can change them any time.

    There are also two types of ranking system: local and world. So you can save your result in local chart if you currently dont have Internet access. To submit your score in world top chart you just have to enter charts page and it will be automatically updated with your best result.

    Zepi is a simple game for 5 minutes. It was made to fill in the short breaks. And it is worth trying. Buy it now
    12-17-2009 07:24 AM