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    Hi all,

    I've been working lately on my new project called JapelServer. Some of you may recognize me as the creator of WebcamStudio For GNU/Linux.

    JapelServer is a small HTTP Server that will list all movies from a pre-configured folder to your iPhone, using the Safari browser. But the most interesting part is that JapelServer will transcode and stream on the fly those movies so the iPhone will be able to play them over your network (or the internet if you want). No transcoding required, no jailbreaking.

    Some great features:

    * Fully configurable
    * Support multiple profiles (like having a link for low speed, high speed...)
    * It can stream your webcam, an internet stream
    * You can add dedicated profiles/streams to support other devices
    * It's open source, so free!
    * The webpage can be customized as you want


    * Java (Sun's JRE or OpenJDK
    * GStreamer framework (0.10.25 and above)
    * an iPhone
    * A network

    The current release is Alpha 3, but it's pretty usable. The Gstreamer framework for Windows and OSX is a bit out-of-date, so JapelServer will not work in those environment for now. But as soon as they reach the current version of Linux, JapelServer will work...

    To get it: Home (JapelServer)

    To use:
    * Unzip the archive in a folder
    * Make sure that you have installed the GStreamer framework and Java
    * Edit the configuration file as you need
    * launch: java -jar JapelServer
    * Open Safari on your iPhone and open the webpage
    * Enjoy!

    Take the time to read the comments in the configuration file, there are some good tips in there.

    Hope you like that new project.

    Patrick Balleux
    Creator of JapelServer, WebcamStudio For GNU/Linux
    Founder of JSymphonic, NW-E00x Mp3 Manager
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    Just released the Alpha 3 version! Go get it!
    12-17-2009 01:49 PM
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    Official website can be found at
    12-17-2009 01:50 PM