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    "How this crude, expletive ridden, ultra-violent little game made it through Apple's notoriously prudish approval process is anyone's guess. But, I for one am glad it did, because it's amazing!" PocketFullOfApps


    This game is probably one of the best brain stretching games I have ever played for the iPhone. -, 9,8/10

    One-of-a-kind gameplay style -

    I seriously dont remember how I played this game for an hour. Overall, this is a great game to have and its sold at a great price. -, 4/5

    This is a satirical take on the traditional American governments attitude to the world around it, summed up in one little game. -

    iHooy for iPhone, with its hardcore attitude and beautifully simple and gritty design, is exactly the type of game the App Store has needed. - LevelUpNews, 5/5

    iHooy will test your reflexes while tickling your funny bone. The titles irreverent sense of humor, amazing comic book style cut-scenes and addictive gameplay conspiring to make this one of the most bizarre and brilliant games to crash the App Store in ages. Braineaters are definitely a developer to watch! - PocketFullOfApps, 8/10

    With the gore detailed to a perverse satisfying level, its no wonder youll find yourself going back to it again and again. - The Gaming Liberty 7/10

    iHooys detailed artwork is one of its high points. The story cutscenes screens are worthy of a graphic novel. - Brickroll, 7/10

    iHooy is kind of a mix of Guitar Hero and Metal Gear Solid, and what I want to say, it is fcuking awesome mix! - Malfeusz 5/5

    OMG! The music's really FANTASTIC! Is there an OST comin'? - Chrissie

    First, it's got some Guitar Hero-ish gameplay like.. ahem... Metal Gear Solid. -

    Is it worth buying? For 0.99 - definitely! -


    [...] There were thousands of them. Or even hundreds.

    I am standing on my watch tower, looking at the horizon, holding my hands ready for next assault. The first wave is over. Crumplers are draining with blood and remains of those Bombiez things.

    But not only killing, no... There are my fellow citizens running to the shelter. I have to manually open the manholes for them, otherwise they will die on the spikes.[...]

    Hooy Ventura

    ******************************************* - all you need to know about iHooy!

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