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    I would like to introduce you a new puzzle game in the genre of Tetris-like games: Colorix. Rules are simple just arrange falling marbles on the board. Three or more marbles of the same color lined diagonally, horizontally or vertically explode and disappear from the board. Sounds simple? Once you start you cant stop! Games has a lot of additional features, like super combos, awesome look and feel with unique 3D marbles effect, a lot of sepecial marbles and what everybody likes, global high scores.

    The game have recieved already first possitive comments:

    The spheres rolling down the screen are eye-wateringly detailed. Perfectly understated reflections and refractions make these orbs appear as though they're actually small marbles rolling across the surface of the handset.

    The best graphics a match-three puzzle app could possibly have.

    Colorix is a fantastic tetris-like strategic puzzle game. The concept behind the game isnt very new but the execution and the additional mechanics make it such a beauty.

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    Some screenshots:
    12-16-2009 03:46 PM