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    TUN3R Launches iPhone App with Innovative Station Recommendation Feature

    Toronto, ON - December 15, 2008 - Internet radio aggregator TUN3R today announced the availability of their much anticipated iPhone/iPod application in the Apple iTunes App Store (iTunes Store).

    The TUN3R iPhone app raises the bar for Internet Radio applications by offering for the first time in the Apple iTunes App Store an Internet Radio Player featuring:
    -Real-Time audio/visual browsing of over 2,000 stations representing the crme-de-la-crme of Internet and AM/FM radio. Stations are organized as a continuum of genres and cities for intuitive browsing
    -Recommendation [Might Likes TM] feature which suggests radio stations based on what iPod artists were listened to last. Recommendations change over time and are always current
    -Find stations based on what they play (artist or song title). Or find stations based on the contents of their web home page
    -Visual bookmarks for fast and simple switching between stations' live streams
    -Live streaming playback options including: Built-in player; Safari (for background listening); and RadioBox integration
    -Top 10 lists showing: Most Popular Stations; Recently Added Stations; Recently View Stations; and Random Spotlights

    The application - which has been in the works for over a year - represents the ideal embodiment of TUN3R's critically acclaimed approach to Internet Radio. The application also solves a major problem for users new to Internet radio: How to find live stations of interest among the thousands of stations available. TUN3R's solution is very simple and effective: Users can simply press the "Might Likes TM" button on the search screen. The application automatically looks for the last ten artists played from the iPod library, and then searches for stations that play those artists. For example, if a user has recently played classical music on their iPod, they will be presented with classical stations.

    "TUN3R is a tactile application to begin with, so browsing on the iPhone's touchscreen feels very natural. Seeing is believing." said Neil Hepburn, TUN3Rs co-founder and general manager of marketing. "With the iPhone's recent iPod API integration, we saw an opportunity to create an entirely new kind of recommendation feature which we expect newcomers to Internet Radio will find very useful. As we like to say 'Your mood. Your station'"

    TUN3R plans to expand its business through its proposed Profit Sharing for Webcasters business model, which will provide users with high quality streams, and in turn compensate stations based on usage.

    About TUN3R

    TUN3R is an early-stage partnership between founders Peter Gray and Neil Hepburn. TUN3R launched in July 2007. Since its launch, TUN3R has had over 500,000 visitors from over 200 countries, all through word-of-mouth. TUN3R is owned by Conalgo Incorporated. Conalgo was established in 2002, and is based out of Toronto, ON.


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