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    CrimeReports Launches First National Crime Mapping iPhone App
    Citizens can now take the crime map with them wherever they go.


    Members of the public throughout the country can now carry the CrimeReports national crime map wherever they go thanks to a new iPhone app created by CrimeReports.com. The new CrimeReports iPhone app is the only mobile app to feature official, up-to-date crime data directly from more than 600 law enforcement agencies across North America as well as sex offender data for all 50 states. The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store starting today.

    Were excited to provide another avenue through which local law enforcement agencies can engage their citizens in crime prevention and community policing efforts, says Greg Whisenant, founder and CEO of CrimeReports. By making this information available on a mobile device, citizens will have even easier access to the information that will keep them and their families safe. He adds that this benefit to the community is one of the reasons CrimeReports decided to offer the app free of charge.
    The CrimeReports app features nationwide registered sex offender listings, as well as near real time neighborhood crime data directly from more than 600 CrimeReports law enforcement partners across the U.S. and Canada. All participating CrimeReports agencies receive this new mobile outreach to their citizens at no additional cost to the agency as well.

    CrimeReports is the fastest-growing official crime map in North America, adding more than 50 new law enforcement agencies each month to its network. In addition, iPhone users can use the app to ask their local law enforcement agency join.

    The CrimeReports iPhone app allows users to:
    Filter data by location or address, incident type, and customizable date range
    View recent neighborhood level crimes on the map or in a list
    View national sex offender data alongside crime in your neighborhood
    Sign-up for free, automated, email crime alerts
    Request the participation of your local law enforcement agency if theyre not already on-board

    You can find out more about the new CrimeReports iPhone app by visiting www.CrimeReports.com/iphone.

    The CrimeReports team is also exploring similar apps for other mobile platforms.

    About CrimeReports
    Working with more than 600 law enforcement agencies across North America, CrimeReports is the largest and most accurate online resource for up-to-date crime and sex offender information. The CrimeReports network offers a family of affordable, easy-to-use software tools for law enforcement agencies to understand crime trends and share up-to-date neighborhood crime data with the public. Community members can access the integrated crime map and receive email crime alerts for free at CrimeReports | The National Crime Map, empowering them to make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their neighborhood and community. CrimeReports services are offered by Public Engines, Inc. For more information, visit CrimeReports | The National Crime Map.

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