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    Hi All,

    I have been working on a new puzzle game for the iPhone & iPod Touch called Squism.

    It has now been submitted to Apple for review, and will be priced at 59p / 99c for the first week.

    ----- Video -----
    * also, sorry about the sound, it's a problem with the iPhone simulator

    ----- Pictures -----

    ----- Description -----

    Love Puzzle Games? You'll Love Squism!

    Squism is an all new addictive puzzle game for the iPhone & iPod Touch. It's a fun color matching game, with a Twist! Don't just click single colors, mix and match them by using your finger to draw paths & collect colors. The more colors you collect, the higher the score you get.

    Enjoy four entrancing game modes:
    - Action
    - Classic
    - Time Attack
    - Endless

    Fully optimized for the touch screen and accelerometer (turn your device change the way the game plays).

    Submit your scores to local device leaders boards or go online and compare your scores with other squism players (via OpenFeint).

    OpenFeint also gives you the ability to post your scores directly to Facebook and Twitter.

    Features Included:
    - Easy to use interface making it game anyone can play
    - Pause and resume the game at any point
    - Continue from where you left the game on exit or phone call
    - Watch out for bomb blocks in Classic Mode
    - Use special ice blocks to freeze the time (Action Mode Only)
    - Local leader boards allow you to compare your scores against your friends
    - Online leader boards (via OpenFeint) allows you to compare your scores against other players around the world
    12-15-2009 05:45 AM