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    We released two story books for iPhone: Molly and the Terrible Triplets. Idea was to create a new form of story telling for kids in merging different narrations technics from book, TV and interactive.
    You can interact (touch, slide, sake ...) with characters to make the story happen. Also no rush, you can stay on a screen and replay animations or move along to find out more.

    Everything is original story, illustration, design.

    Please have a try and let us know what you think.

    Molly and the magic Lolly
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    The Terrible Triplets
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    app name: Molly and the Magic Lolly
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    Molly and the Magic Lolly
    Touching Moving Stories by unit9.apps

    This enchanting interactive storybook, aimed at 3104 year olds, transports children into Mollys exciting world, where strange things happen because with the touch or slide of a finger, kids can unleash the incredible powers of Mollys Magic Lolly!

    Mollys favourite aunt (a part-time fairy) gives Molly a mysterious lolly that grants wishes of adventure. So with her vivid imagination, she sets off on her magical trips spinning around the world.

    By touching or sliding the screen children can unleash their imagination by meeting roaring lions, hanging out with the Statue of Liberty and dancing with Layla, the Egyptian belly dancer.

    And after all this spectacular adventure where will Mollys favourite place in the world actually be?

    With a brand new character and original illustrations, especially created for the iPhone, Molly and the Magic Lolly is both a valuable reading tool, and a delightful interactive adventure.

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    app name: The terrible Triplets
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    Harry, Barry and Larry The Terrible Triplets
    Touching Moving Stories by unit9.apps

    Theres triple the trouble, and triple the fun, in this delightful interactive storybook with original characters, illustrations and music especially created for the iPhone.
    Aimed at 3-104 year olds this iphone app gives kids the chance to learn by reading and interacting with the screen and letting their imaginations run wild.

    They are introduced to Harry, Barry and Larry, theyre triplets, but theyre all very different and they never agree on anything. So theres bound to be arguments and a lot of fun to be had with so many different opinions!

    By touching, sliding or shaking the screen, kids can join in with the quarrelsome brothers, as they play football, paint masterpieces and become electric guitar playing rock legends!

    Will the boys ever find something they can enjoy together? Find out with this great fun, educational application where each page gives kids the chance to interact with these cute cheeky chaps who arent afraid to speak their minds!

    Watch out for more Touching Moving Stories by unit9.apps.
    12-15-2009 04:50 AM