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    Hello everyone. We just released a new app for the iPhone call i-Magnifi. It emulates an electronic magnifier with 4X zoom. Additionally, it can be used as a enhanced camera zoom. It can be downloaded here: iTunes Store

    We are giving a portion of the proceeds to the Discovery Eye Foundation (Discovery Eye Foundation), which is an organization that is trying to find long-term solutions for the visually impaired.

    The following is the press release on the app:

    New Magnifying App for the iPhone Brings Your World Up Close
    i-Magnifi is a Powerful Magnifying Application that Also Acts a Camera Zoom

    Los Angeles, CA, December 14, 2009 i-Magnifi is a new application for the iPhone that not only emulates an electronic magnifier, but also provides enhanced zoom capability for the iPhones camera.

    i-Magnifi provides up to 4X magnification using the iPhone camera, which is the same type of magnification that expensive electronic magnifiers provide. A user can select between magnification settings at the press of a menu button. The menu is flexible and can be moved from right to left or from top to bottom depending on what is most comfortable for the user. Additionally the menu can be hidden from site so that the screen shows only the magnified image.

    Not only can a user use i-Magnifi in real-time as a magnifying glass, but magnified images can be captured and stored and later manipulated.

    While i-Magnifi is a great magnifier for viewing menus in restaurants, or helping to manage personal items such as plucking eyebrows or removing thorns, or even checking out bugs up close, it can be used as an enhanced zoom for the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS has only one zoom setting, but with i-Magnifi, a user can zoom up to 4X, which allows close up views.

    The developers of i-Magnifi are dedicated to helping to provide solutions for vision impairment. A portion of the proceeds from i-Magnifi go to the Discovery Eye Foundation (Discovery Eye Foundation). Discovery Eye Foundation is striving to combat blindness and eye disease every day, while providing support and evaluation for people with impaired vision and total vision loss.

    i-Magnifi is available from the iTunes application store for $0.99. For more information go to www.imagnifi.net.

    i-Magnifi Your World Up Close.
    12-14-2009 05:12 PM