1. McJess's Avatar
    I'm searching for a fun postcard-like application to use for upcoming holidays.
    Currently there are few dozens of them floating around.
    Does anyone know of a specially recommended one ?
    12-13-2009 06:58 AM
  2. andthenjensaid's Avatar
    I use "PostMan" ($1.99 in App Store) which I quite like. There's also a FREE app called "SendIt4.me" that allows you to create a postcard on your phone, complete with photo and text, and then for $1.99 (using Paypal) allows you to send it anywhere in the world as a REAL, palpable postcard, instead of a *virtual* one like PostMan.
    12-13-2009 10:43 AM
  3. alfred_1986's Avatar
    You may try Postcard Express app for you need. The app, which costs $3.99. When you take a picture, you can then edit it using the Postcard Express's image-editor and add a personal note. The app then generates a mini-map in the upper righthand corner where the stamp on a postcard would usually be showing exactly where it was taken. Then you can send to any email address.
    12-14-2009 05:55 AM