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    Hello..We are Another Castle Studios and we have created a little Gem (pun intended) for the iPhone and ipod touch called Kingdom of Gnester.

    Kingdom of Gnester is a fun combination of a match three puzzle game and a 2d platformer. The gameplay consists of the player playing both games simultaneously, excitedly matching puzzle pieces to give Gnester the necessary powers to avoid all sorts of fun and challenging obstacles.

    The games website can be found at The Kingdom of Gnester - Another Castle Studios

    We also have two trailers released for the game, with a third coming soon at launch:

    The new pre launch trailer -

    And the early teaser trailer -

    If you want a little more of a back story on the History of Gnester then read on my friends....In 2008, the Interactive Media Alliance in PEI, Canada (an alliance of video game companies such as Other Ocean Interactive - creators of Super Monkey Ball iPhone and Longtail Studios to name a couple) put forth a contest looking for recent graduates to come up with a video game idea and in turn create a prototype of the concept. Kingdom of Gnester was selected to be developed and a PC prototype was created. Now the torch has been passed to Another Castle Studios, who have taken this prototype and recreated the game from scratch for release on the iPhone.

    So keep you eyes peeled in a couple of weeks for the epic launch of what we believe to be a really fun game for your iphone and ipod touch.
    12-12-2009 10:12 PM
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    So my friends the time is finally here for all of you to meet Gnester and help him on his epic adventure. After much anticipation Kingdom Of Gnester is finally available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now everybody can spend the holidays playing this fun combination of a match three puzzle game and a 2d platformer. As a small independent studio we at Another Castle Studios have worked really hard to bring to you what we believe to be a Fun, Challenging and Rewarding gaming experience. So please download Kingdom Of Gnester for your iPhone and iPod touch and start your adventure today!

    Kingdom of Gnester features:
    - Innovative game play, combining a match 3 puzzle game with a side-scrolling platformer
    - 30 Exciting Levels containing 3 intense Boss Battles
    - Merchant system that allows you to purchase upgrades and customize your gameplay experience
    - 2 Additional Game Modes(Puzzle Mode and Gnesters Ranch)
    - Open Feint Achievements
    - Global Leaderboards
    - Post High Scores to Facebook

    Download from iTunes - iTunes Store

    The Kingdom of Gnester - Another Castle Studios

    Another Castle Studios
    12-23-2009 05:33 PM