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    App: Gamble Pad
    Developer: FoWare
    Price: 0.99

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    Did you know that you can use gambling losses as a tax write off? Well, you can! So, all you high rollers and low rollers have to start keeping track of your wins and losses. Gamble Pad is the perfect utility to do just that.

    Do you have a successful gambling career? Are you sure? You may have had big wins, but what about the big bets? This app will help you manage those figures down to the dollar, and you can do it all while using a polished and attractive user interface.

    The features included in this app are:

     Track the entire history of all your bets.

     Detailed categories based on the most popular gambling venues.

     Follow your totals in each individual category or your overall gambling career.

     Create a password to lock out any unwanted viewers of Gamble Pad.

     Polished interface to give you a pleasant experience while navigating Gamble Pad.

    Please enjoy this app! We are looking forward to any feedback you may have to provide. email: contact@foware.com

    Disclaimer: Further details on using gambling losses as a tax write off can be located at Internal Revenue Service (Topic 419).

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