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    Hi Everyone,

    HIT Labs' Slapdown Games just launched the first vision-based augmented reality games for the iPhone.

    The two mobile games Drift and Splatter Bugs - showcase an entirely new form of game-play using mobile phones, where users are able to combine gaming with the real world around them.

    HIT Labs combined advanced computer vision processing and game development methods to produce the first two Slapdown Games for iPhone. Both games feature a unique form of game play that makes the experience more interactive and real for users. Using the iPhone camera to read a physical game-card, users launch the Drift or Splatter Bugs virtual game experience through the iPhone camera a technique known as augmented reality. The action taking place in the game looks as if it is happening in the users own environment, whether projected on a desk, a wall, a pillow or a friends head.

    Drift Gaming Has Changed
    A wickedly addictive new augmented reality gaming experience, Drift creates exhilarating drift racing circuits that users can slide around at breakneck speed. Gamers race around barrels to set new lap records by using the touch screen to control direction. Tracks vary depending on the angle the user sets to view the Slapdown card, so they control the layout and the difficulty of the tracks.

    Splatter Bugs Youve Got a Bug Problem
    In this augmented reality application, the users world has been infested by cockroaches. After taking a picture of the Slapdown card with the iPhone camera, a roach hole appears and little critters begin to swarm out. The faster the user eradicates them, the better their score. With bonuses for trick squashes, gamers can enjoy the twisted pleasure of squishing these nasty little critters. But, its not easy; with each level, they get faster and smarter.

    Other augmented reality" apps available for iPhone dont provide accurate scale, location or a true real world perspective. Slapdown Games are the first and only vision-based augmented reality applications that give a very real sense that the virtual objects in the games actually exist in the users current physical environment. The bugs in Splatter Bugs, for example, look like they are really running around, right in front of the users eyes.

    Check it out online at the App Store or visit SLAPDOWN Games - Home.

    We look forward to your feedback!
    12-09-2009 02:50 PM