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    Hi there,

    I posted this at Touch Arcade, and thought I'd see if anybody here at TiBp forums would be interested:

    My name is Stephen from ReignDesign, and we are looking for some beta testers (about 5) to test an update of our platform game Pig Rush.

    If you have previous experience beta testing, that's great. We would like a mix of users too though, so if you don't have experience, that's ok too. The most important thing is that you are able to give us clear, constructive feedback.

    For this update, we have a hidden mode and we're curious to see how difficult it is for users to discover it without an explanation. I'm worried it may be a little tricky to unlock (until you know how), and I'm wondering if we should be providing hints on how to unlock it, give direct instructions on how to unlock it, or leave it as a surprise.

    So, if you like trying to find Easter eggs in games, we would definitely like to hear from you!

    To apply, just send an email with subject "Pig Rush beta test" to support (at) reigndesign (dot) com and be sure to include the following:

    • Model of your iPhone/iPod Touch and OS version
    • UDID of your device
    • A short note about yourself and the types of games you enjoy (and if you have any previous beta testing experience)

    We're looking to start the beta test shortly, so we'll get back to you this week. Thanks in advance to all who apply!

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    12-09-2009 03:22 AM