1. xiaomi's Avatar
    Good game--European War
    I found this new game in the case of an accident, then bought it for its corlorful graphics.Play a bit,feel really cool,like the game of Risk.Moreover,truely say it's a developed version of Risk with more beautiful graphics and more abundant contents,some irrational facts have been ignored.The background of this game set in the Europe Continent during the age of Napoleon.There are six countries and five Difficulty Level to select in the beginning.The operation is similar with Risk.Except usual card,every country has its own Special Card,I find it so powerful.
    However, this game also has its drawback.The background music is always Marseillaise, if you don't select France,you will find the music is so strange.Otherwise,the method of using card is not easy to learn,I succedd it after a long time.
    In whole,if you are in favor with SLG or Risk,take a try, do not miss.
    12-08-2009 07:57 PM