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    App: SuperAgent
    Developer: FactorySix
    Price: 1.99
    Website: www.superagentgame.com

    iTunes Link : iTunes Store

    Answer 33 Questions - Win $25,000

    You think you know Hollywood? Then prove it.

    SuperAgent puts you at the helm of a leading Hollywood talent agency. Make decisions for your leading client about his career, both on and off the screen. Make the right calls and you'll make it big, real big. Make mistakes and you'll be run out of this town quicker than you can say 'commission'.

    For a limited time, play to win big for real. We're giving $25,000 (an inch of fifties in agent lingo) to the highest scoring user by January 31st, 2010. Terms and conditions in app on our website Play SuperAgent on your iPhone and win big


    The movie business moves fast, so answer questions quickly to receive a bonus.

    Dont bother trying to beat the system, the game has a huge question bank to ensure that being quick and sharp is the way to win.

    In order to win at this, you have to think selfishly, but dont be arrogant, the most obvious answer isnt always correct, and remember, hindsight is a powerful thing


    How many questions do I need to answer?
    Each game is 33 questions long. Answer 33 questions win $25,000. Easy you do the sums!

    How many questions are in the question bank in the game?
    Lots. We could tell you you, but we dont really want to.

    Ive got a problem?
    If its with the game then drop us an email; bluesky (at) factorysix.com and well do our very best to help. If your problem is not with the game but you think well find it entertaining then send it on anyway.

    I cant pick the answer!!
    A dilemma indeed. We think thats part of the game.

    Id like to work with you guys
    We might like that too. Drop us your CV by email with I think Im really good and I want to work in the subject line to bluesky (at) factorysix.com

    How do I know this competition is real?
    Good question! How do you know anything is real? Generally we believe stuff is real if enough people around us tell us its real not very convincing, but the sociologists gave it some words to make it more official; social proof.

    Have a click on our names on the below this, youll find our linkedin profiles and some of the other things weve worked on, from movies, to property, to undergraduate awards to political websites. Were pretty real guys!


    FactorySix is a mobile software company based in Dublin, Ireland, founded by Rick Larkin and Oisin Hanrahan. SuperAgent is our debut game, but there are 4 more Super titles to come in 2010. We're working on getting our own website together - it doesn't say a lot right now, we're just too busy! Check out our little mention in The Irish Times.

    ★Version 1.1 - December
    12-08-2009 06:08 PM