1. GadgetGuru72#IM's Avatar
    I've been reading about this for a while and was hoping the price would be reasonable. The desktop version is about $100, so I was hoping that the iPhone version would be $10 or less. Much to my surprise, it was just released, and it's FREE:

    iTunes Store

    It doesn't state how long it will be free, so you should probably get it quickly ... just in case.
    12-07-2009 11:40 PM
  2. Hockey_Player37's Avatar
    Heard about it somewhere else... I already downloaded it, used it to make a few messages... then I posted it on a couple sites because it's freaking awesome!
    12-08-2009 12:21 AM
  3. hermdog's Avatar
    It is simply awesome! I can't believe it's free.
    12-08-2009 10:37 AM
  4. hermdog's Avatar
    Uh Oh!! The other shoe drops. After reading the reviews in the app store apparently this app uploads your contact info they're servers. My dad always told me no one gives anything for free!
    12-08-2009 10:46 AM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    They are safe and secure. Nuance is the company that provided voice dialing for Palm, and more. You u/l your contacts so that you can speak the names of your contacts and dictate them. (It was always necessary for voice dialing, obviously.)

    This is an incredible app from a great company.
    12-08-2009 04:07 PM
  6. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    And they responded to the contacts issue and they stated only contact names are uploaded. No other data.

    I love the app so far. Makes txt'ng much faster.
    12-08-2009 08:35 PM
  7. CoryJP's Avatar
    yeah this app works flawless... cant believe its free
    12-08-2009 08:41 PM
  8. spiderman001728's Avatar
    Read this. Dragon is bad

    tii's Podcast
    12-08-2009 09:44 PM
  9. Alli's Avatar
    If you think that is bad, you should go back to writing your contact info on paper that you can eat if you're ever asked to produce it. This is nothing unusual.
    12-09-2009 06:11 AM
  10. GadgetGuru72#IM's Avatar
    I felt pretty confident that they were only uploading contact names, and was reassured that when I spoke my wife's name (which is spelled in a unique way) it was transcribed correctly.

    However, here's the entire blog post from Dragon about what it's doing with your contact names:

    What Dragon Dictation for the iPhone Does (and Doesn't Do) with Your Contacts - Speaking About Dragon - from Nuance

    Some people have expressed concern about what the new Dragon Dictation for the iPhone application does with your contact information. As you may have experienced already, Dragon Dictation for the iPhone goes through your contact list on your iPhone and uploads the names to our server. We do this for a pretty simple reason: we found that people are often dictating names from their address book and expect the names to be recognized. We take this information and create an anonymous user profile for your device that understands what names are likely to dictate into a document. It's important to note that we only upload the names, not the e-mail addresses, phone numbers or any other personally identifying information from your contacts.

    Even though there is no personally identifying information, we still treat all of this information with the highest privacy standards. All of our servers are located in the United States and meet the most stringent privacy and security standards. We conform to these high standards because we use the same data centers for other areas of our business where we are required to store personal information.

    All of this is spelled out in our license agreement that comes with the Dragon Dictation for the iPhone application. Since most people only see that license agreement briefly when they are installing the software (and they usually can't wait to start using their software, so they don't spend 30 minutes reading a complex legal document...), we provided a link to that agreement here: Nuance - Company - Privacy Policy.

    So the bottom line is that nothing scary is happening with your data and we only use a little bit of information from your phone to help make the dictation accuracy as high as possible. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post them here.
    12-09-2009 10:16 AM
  11. JackNaylorPE's Avatar
    Nuance is the company that provided voice dialing for Palm,
    VoiceDial for the Treo line was developed and produced by Voice Signal. I 2007, they were acquired by Nuance.

    Nuance - News - Press Releases - 2007
    07-02-2010 07:08 AM
  12. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    I downloaded this on Friday, and I love it.
    Much safer than texting and driving.
    07-03-2010 11:14 PM