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    CreekFrog LLC Splashes Into the iPhone App Market
    iPhone users can tease each other with Real or Fake? Truth Detective app

    Creekfrog LLC, an innovative producer of iPhone applications, announced today Real or Fake? Truth Detective, the first app that can jokingly answer the question on everyones mind: how could that college student afford that designer purse?

    With Real or Fake? Truth Detective, users can take pictures of their friends and determine whether suspicious clothes, hairdos, or body parts are real or fake. The hilarious results are the best way to break the ice at a bar or to liven up a party. Users can also save their results or share them through e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

    To create a unique visual experience for Real or Fake? Truth Detective, CreekFrog collaborated with artist H. Michael Karshis, whose iconic iPod speaker art was featured in the Cult of iPod book.

    The application is also available as a Christmas-themed version called Naughty or Nice? Christmas Detective. Both applications come with a variety of standard tests, such as Huge or Puny and Bottled or Blonde in Real of Fake? Truth Detective and Santa or Scrooge in Naughty or Nice? Christmas Detective. Users will also enjoy creating their own categories to customize their fun in both apps.

    Both applications are for amusement purposes only.

    About CreekFrog LLC:

    At CreekFrog, we are out to make the world a better place. We create cool apps for people on-the-go. Whether you want to kill time on the way work, be more productive, or turn complex tasks into simple ones, we do it for you.

    CreekFrog is a software development organization that understands mobile application environments, customer needs, and taking products to market. Our model allows us to be fast, agile, and very competitive. We know well that people spend a tremendous amount of time on-the-go, and for this, they need tools to do more. Companies can leverage CreekFrog mobile application development expertise to create a custom solution for their business and make sure they are connected with customers, always and anywhere.

    CreekFrog is a U.S.-based company, led by a team of experienced Fortune 20″ former company executives. For more information, write us at info@creekfrog.com.

    More information about Creekfrog LLC is available at CreekFrog LLC | Home.

    For PR purposes, contact pr@creekfrog.com.
    12-04-2009 07:29 PM