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    TinHeads have invaded & help is needed to smash them into oblivion!


    LittleChief is pleased to announce the release of TinHeads 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch.

    TinHeads is a fun, fast paced & highly addictive game similar to the arcade classic Whack A Mole.

    The game is FREE to download & is now available on the App Store.
    (Download Now)

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    * 60 seconds of Robot smashing mayhem!

    * Players must earn as many points as they can before their time runs out.
    TinHeads are worth different amounts of points so they must smash wisely

    * BombBots: Players have 5 seconds to destroy them before they explode.
    Shake the device to deactivate & tap to destroy!

    * Earn more points: Tap a Replicator & it will produce MiniBots that are worth an extra 25 points each!

    * Humans: Were in this together! Hit a human & points will be deducted!

    * Time bonuses: Tap the bonuses to add time to the clock

    * Keep track of scores & compete against friends using the OpenFeint network

    GOOD LUCK - Lets smash those TinHeads!
    12-04-2009 10:23 AM