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    Waze Free turn-by-turn navigation for the masses.

    I stumbled onto this application the other day and thought Oooo this looks super cool but the other thing was would it work? In short Waze is a community/social navigation application. The application is not only on the iPhone, but multi-mobile platformed. But Google maps does everything I need, why would I need Waze? Waze has some really cool features in it like traffic status (heavy traffic alerts), accident reports, construction issues, etc.

    The key about all of this is that it relies on users like you, to report problems. I however noticed that the speed of traffic is automatic as you drive the app calculates your speed, if it notices that youre going slow, it automatically takes note of it and displays a correlating color on the live-updating map. This is just one of the many features in holds. Now navigation-wise, the app isnt quite as good as I had hoped. One thing to keep in mind though I live a small city, meaning less users (possibly the only one??), less roads traveled, therefore less roads mapped. The application only navigates you on roads that it knows for sure exist. (It has a base map, but as you & I know, those things change a lot). So for one, when I tried to have it route me to my house, it would navigate me there in a roundabout way, not the shortest way. I however found that it corrected itself, after I took this path a second time. The navigation was much more accurate. As far as the location placement goes (arriving accurately at your destination) was dead-on. There is an option to let you take the less known roads and you will contribute to mapping your area. You can also contribute by just keeping the application open while driving around in your car.

    Like I said before, the apps success relies upon its users - the more users, the more success. I think this is one of those applications that is going to take some time to be good but once it was a significant number of users, this app is going to be awesome. Take a look at their site for a quick video overview & download their app (after all, its free).
    Waze: Way to go
    12-03-2009 04:21 PM
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    Those graphics are awful, imo.
    12-03-2009 04:49 PM