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    We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Camera GPS for iPhone.

    We at McLean Mobile Solutions passionately feel that a powerful device such as the iPhone, with a great built-in Camera and sophisticated GPS technology, deserves a great app that combines these two strengths to provide travelers a better experience viewing and showing off their photos.

    Camera GPS utilizes location services to acquire your current location while taking a picture in Camera GPS. Your photo is then automatically organized by the place you took the photo and viewable based on a map or list view.

    - Map View denotes a pin for every city you have taken a picture and lets you quickly view your pictures from a geographical perspective. A great abstract way for keeping track of all the great destinations you have visited.

    - List View sorts your images by Country, State/Province and City to easily find a specific set of photos taken with Camera GPS in a specific place.

    - Photo View lets you swipe through your photos in either portrait or landscape modes in a familiar fashion.

    - Detail View shows you map level detail where a particular photo was taken and even lets you get directions back to the place you took the photo!

    We do appreciate your feedback and really hope you enjoy our latest app!

    Follow this link to check out Camera GPS in the App Store.
    12-02-2009 10:24 PM
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    We just wanted to let everyone know that our update for Camera GPS was approved. We have optimized the app for better performance and have addressed a critical bug which was causing intermittent crashing and issues with stability for some users.

    Please be sure to grab the update via the mobile app store or from the applications section in iTunes. New users can download the latest version here.

    02-14-2010 03:12 PM