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    Meet iDistress - the app that we hope you never have to use

    When activated iDistress automatically sends emergency SMS and email messages containing your location and phone number to up to three contacts, while simultaneously dialing the local emergency number.

    Every year hundreds of thousands of emergency calls are placed for accidents, crimes, and natural disasters. Being caught in a bad situation is a fear we all have, yet have little control over. iDistress is an application that will allow you to get help quickly and easily.

    Key Features:
    With a flick of a finger, iDistress will notify emergency personnel and up to 3 of your close contacts (via SMS and Email) that you need help
    Sends your GPS local (actual street address, city, state, country etc) and a google maps link to your contacts email
    For world travellers, the application automatically updates your local emergency number for you
    Eliminates dialling errors in pressure or injury situations
    The application works world-wide
    Takes less then 3 seconds to notify 3 of your closest contacts and emergency personal that you are in trouble
    No monthly costs!

    This application will surely give peace of mind to all iPhone users, specifically women, parents (of children with iPhones), international travelers, and the physically challenged.

    One review that was posted by an iDistress user best sums up the app:
    Like the app says, this is a great app I hope NEVER to use. I believe the idea of living life, but being smart enough to see past modern luxury and understand the natural laws of life. This includes the unpredictability of life and mankind. Be it a car accident, a psycho shooter, or old fashion robbery. This app provides me some form of comfort, that if something terrible should occur, I have a chance of alerting both the authorities (via 911) as well as three loved ones with the slide of a button. Its not a full proof guarantee, but in life, nothing is.

    - (via U.S. iTunes Store)

    To check out iDistress visit our website iDistress App or iTunes Store
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