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    The new version of Arcade Hockey, our air hockey game for the iPhone, was just approved by Apple!

    You can download the new version for free on the iTunes store at if you'd like to check out the game.

    The update has a bunch of improvements, including new graphics, smarter artificial intelligence, and more realistic physics. The biggest change, however, is that Arcade Hockey is now integrated with the OpenFeint social gaming network and has global high score boards, challenges and dozens of achievements.

    The app is available as a free trial with ads, and uses the new in-app purchase system for free apps to allow users to upgrade to the full version (as far as we know it's one of the first "freemium" apps to be released).

    After a lot of debate, we decided to release it as an update on top of the old paid app, and as expected we've received some backlash from users who paid for the old version. You can read more about our decision on our blog.

    We've also opened a Twitter petition to put pressure on Apple to address this situation. Please help us by signing it, as this issue affects a number of developers and users!

    We really value your opinions, so please let us know if you get a chance to try out Arcade Hockey. Send any suggestions or feedback to support@drinkbrainjuice.com or post them to this thread and you can be sure we'll take them under consideration.


    Main Menu:


    OpenFeint Achievements:

    Winning Screen:

    12-02-2009 01:07 PM