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    Hi guys,

    we have been busy working on a fantastic arcade game idea for a while. We'd love to hear your opinion now

    Here is a first youtube gameplay video:

    and some pics attached

    if want to hear a bit more about the MatchaCha! project follow our story on:
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    Appstore game description
    Let's test your reflexes with Matchacha!
    Match colors and shapes according to the images that appear in the center of the screen and complete the level before the expiry of the available time. Shake and rotate your device when required to get rid of enemies.

    It sounds easy, but as the game goes on you will be challenged by increasingly difficult combinations: more speed, and many other pitfalls that will make you lose valuable points! Try not to make mistakes, hold on as long as you can and compete in the world ranking Matchacha!, or against your friends scoring the highest.

    A cool idea, original graphics and original music for a super addictive casual game

    MatchaCha! is OpenFeint enabled, with global scoreboards and achievements.

    so what do you think ?
    11-30-2009 01:02 PM