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    Visit Paris is the first application to let you explore Paris through videos on an iPhone or I Pod Touch.

    Meet Eiffel before his Tower, learn whats under Sacr Coeur church and what the Arc De Triomphe means to France, see where the Statue of Liberty was born, and the unknown Louvre ...

    50 videos tell short, amusing, original stories about famous or unusual places, often with archive photos and films.

    Special Features :

    - The use of the latest techniques, enabling the animation of photographs and engravings, use of 3D and 2D effects.
    - True stories, bringing places to life, (told by professional and established actors), and not just a list of buildings and dates.
    - Rare or forgotten images of Paris, from the greatest collections (photographs and videos).
    - Original soundtracks and music, or great composers, (for example Offenbach).
    - Additional information in text format, similar to traditional tourist guides.
    - Users can move at any time to Google Maps, to orientate themselves and move from one point to another.

    NEW : Visit Paris can be used from now without an internet connection. All you need to do, when you connect via wifi, is to download all or some of the videos, and you will be able to watch tem as many times as you like, and you will avoid roaming charges when you make your next trip to Paris !

    Watch to see what Visit Paris looks like.

    Visit Paris is avalaible in lite and complete versions, in English and French on the iTunes Store.

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    Thanks a lot!
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