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    Big in Japan is happy to announce the release of its application for cost-conscious customers ShopSavvy. Android version of the app has already gained tangible popularity. Now iPhone users also have the opportunity to profit from its amazing features.

    This application that turns your iPhone into a bar code scanner is absolutely necessary on the eve of Black Friday. It is so easy to get confused in the mess of the sale day and overlook a real bargain. Our app is here to guide you.

    ShopSavvy compares the price of the product you see on the shelf with equal items of more than 20 000 other retailers. Being integrated into local inventory data, the application not only scans online deals, but also easily detects which of the local shops has the best price.

    The application features:
    Comparison of prices and product reviews.
    History. All the items you`ve looked at are saved in the History Section. If the product price drops ShopSavvy sends you an alert.
    Wish list. If you found real bargain but don`t have time to grab it right now, add the item to your wish list and the application will remind you about the purchase. No need to keep all this boring data in your head.

    ShopSavvy features everything for an ideal shopping round. And it is absolutely free.

    Downloads it and save money!

    If you already are a ShopSavvy user please take moment to rate the app 5-stars. Your review and rating help us keep ShopSavvy free.
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